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Your ultimate guide to a holiday in Bali

They say that time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. A small percentage of the population might have the means to travel with a private concierge, but for the rest of us, research into a destination is essential. Bali may be one of our favourite holiday spots, but there are still parts of it that are a mystery to most of us. Whether you’re travelling to the Indonesian island for the first time or you’re a Bali tragic, this practical guide aims to cover all the bases.

What nobody tells you about Dubai

ON THE surface it’s a city lacking soul, a monotonous mashup of money and incongruities. The sugar daddy of the Middle East, luring the impressionable with glamour and the promise of potential. Obsessed with its own image, Dubai’s duplicitous facade has always been one of excessive wealth and temptation. A Muslim city built on the backs of poorly paid subcontinental workers and overrun with British expats, who bounce between beach clubs and brunches buzzed on Dom Perignon. Right? Wrong. There’s more to Dubai than luxury hotels and liquid lunches. Dig deeper and you’ll find a side to the emirate no one talks about.

Why 2018 will be Bali's most epic year yet

Over the past few years, the Island of Gods has proved its an influential force. Bali’s knack for ingenuity and innovation has seen it evolve and keep up with worldwide trends, but also influence them. Next year will see a host of hip new venues brought to the plate, from high-end dayclubs and irreverent dining spots to luxe spas and yes, even Bali’s first F45 (due to open in Seminyak later this month). Here’s why 2018 looks set to be Bali’s most epic year yet.

Game changer: Bali’s best-kept secrets

With a slew of recent openings, from the much-anticipated Mrs Sippy spin-off to a little-known late-night speak-easy, Bali is stamping out a food and bar scene that’s on par with those in some of the most self-assured cities in the world. Whether it’s craft cocktails, a Michelin quality tasting menu or secret parties, here’s our insider’s guide to the island’s hottest new hangouts as well as where to find some of the time-tested gems. Retaining all the style and swagger of its sister venue, th

Where to find affordable luxury in Dubai

Home to five-star resorts, extravagant all-you-can-eat brunches, and indulgent spa experiences, Dubai never shies away from luxury. Fortunately, Dubai is also one of the best cities in the world to find competitive deals on pampering, shopping and dining. If you're visiting Dubai during summer, you’re sure to find special offers on everything from massages to dinners and even hotel rooms. Here are some of our favourite luxury finds on a budget. This ladies-only pampering spot on Jumeirah Beach
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